Monthly Archives: September 2015

Why I Love Fall

I love fall. I love it because of all of the colors from the falling leaves on the trees.I love it most of all when I get to carve the pumpkins on Halloween. It is so much fun. When the leaves fall, I rake it up into good piles, and then I jump into it. When it is fall, all my family get together and party. Since it gets cold, I have to wear really cool clothing.This is why I like fall so much.

Week 6

This was my awesme 6 week.First,we played kahoot and Justin and finn.Than,some pepole did fun run at school [i didn’t do it].We are stil doing the sumdog champeon ship i am not there yet.This week there was a music play at school this thine i did watch it.I have still not selled any coponbooks but, lots of other kids have.That is all from my 6 week.IMG_3671