Monthly Archives: March 2016

Week 28

This week was almost the best not the realy beast of all but the beast. This week we whent on a field trip. We went to the Tucaleechee Caverns. It was so much fun. Wile we were going there and going back we fillmed on the bus. WE also started something called the Think Link. {I haven’t done mine yet}. Last of all it was a short week. This is what I did this week!IMG_6122

What I Did This Spring Break

This week insted of just fun. I had double time fun because this week was spring break. This time for spring break I didn’t stay home and do nothing I actually got out somewere with out my family. I when’t to Virginia Williamsburg.I when’t there with my freined Ava. The only thing that was boring was the ried there. It was so boring. The died was 7 hours long. Now that is long. Ones we got there we when’t on a goest tour it was creepy. In some of the pictures we took we think that we got some orbs. It was cool. Next, we when’t to Williamsburg and looked at some houses. The next day we when’t to the beach and played. Then we when’t back to Williamsburg and looked at more houses. Last of all we when’t to Jamestown Now that was cool and fun. So that is what I did this spring break.

Week 27

This week was awesome! In Mr. Haney class we have a garden out side our door. We are also seeding lots of letter to our pen pals. Spring break starts tomorrow. It is so existing. This spring break I will be going to James town for the hole week. That is why I am so existed. We are also doing some thing called expert papers. It is were we all have to think about something that we really want to learn about. We all got 3 more microphones they are so cool. This is what I did this week it was so cool. IMG_5964

Week 26

We did allot of stuff this week. This is what I did. We started tcap s this week Next week I will do social studies. Also it snowed were we are. But not enough to play in. The good thing about tcap s is that we got double recess. On Tuesday ay our school it was election day. I also tried out for track.


{Idid not mack it} And finally our songs. I might show you more. That is what I did this week.