Monthly Archives: November 2015

Week 15

This is what I did this week 15. For the last fewe weeks we are doing something couled “Coats For The Cold”. It is when you bring coats to rocky hill and it goes to karma. We finely finished ¬†our novels. We are doing this test couled “The Amazing Rescue” {I haven’t finished yet}. We are doing a spelling bee but I don’t whant to do I. Last of all we bought new wireless key board. So that was what I did this week.IMG_4643

Week 14

I am going to tell you now what I did this 14 week. Some were during this week the hole class did a Thanksgiving writing I all ready finished my thanksgiving writing. I will be showing you later my writing. Like allways we did a Kahoot on lots of stuff. We allso made lots of commercils and the commercils are called “cots for the cold”. We do some thing calleed “Rams Of The Week”,were that means they did something good. That was what I did this week.




The picture is me with my reading buddy.

Week 13

My week 13 We did some commercials about cots for the cold. We allso spened time with our mom at school and had donuts. My class started a terky report. We had lots of parties for lots of stuff. I can barley cep up on all the stuff that we have to do. since I have not had allot of people coming to my blog please tell other people. This is my 13 week.IMG_4447