Monthly Archives: April 2016

week 33

This week was half way good and half way not. Well the first thing that was bad was that this week we had to do tcaps. But the good thing was that the people that were sending them out. They wernt doing that good. so they cansled it! We also got our year books! This was my first time having a year book. We had some kind of a since experiment to. We are still doing our movie Scripps and we are on our 4 seen. So that was what this week was like.IMG_6471

week 32

This week was a good week and i am going to feel you why. This week my grop for movies had finished our first seen. now we are on our second seen. I can’t wate until we will be done. But I am sad because soon we are going to have to start our tecap!

Week 31

This week was one of the beast. I finally finished my song that I have been working on. If I can find my song I will show you it. Right now this minitte we are working on a movie. It is called { Gifted }. Here are the people that are doing it. Me, Sunshine, Eric, Sydney, Areanna.

Week 30

This week was one of the best. WE had track. I didn’t mack it. I really wanted to be in it though. Well one of our class mates got Awarded for some kind of art she did. We are also working on some new movies. And finnly we finished our songs. know that is how cool my week was.File Apr 08, 9 06 57 AM